Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aaron's Rough Night

These pictures were all taken at the park the other day. We went to one with a playground, but we needn't bothered. Aaron showed no interest in the play equipment. He spent the whole time digging the mulch and trying to eat the dirt underneath. I thought it was very fitting that his shirt said 'I Dig Dirt'. HA! The only thing that distracted him from his important dirt digging project was the occasional dog being walked. Aaron would leave his mulch work and head to the grass where he would point excitedly at the dog. He really likes dogs! There are several of them at this apartment complex and it makes him so happy to see them when we go outside.

We have had a bit of a time at the Allen house this week. On Tuesday afternoon, for no apparent reason, Aaron spiked a fever. I took his temperature and it was 103. It actually got a little higher than that before it went down. After giving him some medicine and a bath and not seeing the temperature going the right direction, I called his new pediatrician in Dallas.

We have not actually visited this pediatrician's office, but it came highly recommended and we set Aaron up as a patient there just this week! I spoke to someone who was very nice and told me that this wasn't an emergency and that a nurse would call me back and if I needed to be seen I could schedule something with her. The nurse was a kind as she could be. I felt very good after speaking with her. She said that Aaron had a fever virus. It is very common and there are no other symptoms. Aaron was acting completely fine though he was eating a little less than normal. She said that as long as the fever came down somewhat with medication there was nothing to worry about. She said it usually lasts a day or so, but if there was still a fever on day three Aaron needed to be seen. Whew!

Yesterday was good. I had to continue giving Aaron medicine, but his fever stayed right around 101 and other than being a little clingy and eating a little less than normal, Aaron acted just like Aaron. Then around 4pm the fever spiked again. It went over 103, but it immediately came down with medicine and he ate dinner, took his bath and went to bed.

At 9pm we started to hear Aaron. He wasn't crying, but he was making sounds as if he was waking up. That is very unusual. I waited until the sounds had been stopped for several minutes and I was sure he was back asleep then I went in to touch his head and just make sure his fever hadn't spiked again. Oh my word, y'all. First of all, the poor guy was wide awake just laying in his crib waiting for me to come check on him. Second of all, he was on fire. I have never felt anything like this in my life. His temperature was 104.9 and ended up climbing to 105.2 before it started coming down. We did everything you are supposed to do and got a doctor on the phone to make sure we weren't supposed to be doing more. By 11pm, the fever was down to 101.5 and we put him to bed. (By the way, the entire time he was awake he was playing very contently with us and acting fine.) He slept until 4am when we heard him just like we had at 9. It was six hours since he had been given medicine and his fever had spiked again. We got it under control and got him down again and he slept until 9am. We have no idea what the deal is. Today he woke up with no fever. He still didn't eat as much as normal and is clingy, but is basically alright. The doctor, however, wants to see him so we will be headed there soon and we hope they can give us some explanation. His fever did go back up to 101.6 right before his nap, so we're not completely out of the woods on whatever this is...I'll keep you posted.

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Spicy Magnolia said...

Poor little guy!! Ugh, those fevers are so hard, and really scary to us parents (at least to me they are). I hope you have a good appointment and that Aaron feels better really soon!! Hugs to you all!