Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aaron and Abby

Aaron is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and he always has been.  This has been going on since he was born and has, at times manifested itself in child in the corner shaking while I tried to vacuum.  It also comes up at the car wash with difficult results.
It's gotten better at home because he will lock himself in his room and play while I vacuum as long as I do not start the vacuum until his door is closed and I don't vacuum his room until he's locked in another room.
He has trained Abby to be afraid of it, too, so they huddle together.
The other day Abby didn't want to go to Aaron's room so she sat on the couch in the play room that I was about to vacuum. 
As soon as I turned on the vacuum she started to cry and Immediately, Aaron ran out of his room saying "I'll get her! I've got her!" He jumped up on the couch and held her tight while I vacuumed right beside that very couch.  He was such a brave sweet boy and he kept telling her it was alright.
Love our babies!

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