Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday Stuff

I did a red and white heart theme for Abby's party.  It's just way too easy this time of year.

My plan was to have her picture on her cake in a white dress with red hearts, but those pictures didn't come out as well as this picture, so we added navy to the color scheme.  Thus the napkins with the navy hearts above.

Texas Star Bakery did a fantastic job with the cake and it was strawberry to make it pink to go with the pink heart on her cake.

The favors were cookies.  The sign says, "It makes our hearts happy that you shared Abby's day, please take a cookie as you go on your way."

The Happy Birthday Sign.  McDonald's does everything for the kids' parties.  You can choose for them to provide cake or ice cream.  We bring the cake and I bring napkins and plates, too, but you don't have to.  It's a super nice set up with everything done for you when you arrive and all the clean up handled. 
The kids' table.  Each child gets a happy meal of his or her choice. The Birthday Girl got a special plate to keep and a ball. Each child got a favor bag and a crown.

Pictures of the cookies before they were wrapped.  LOVE.

And wrapped with red lacy bows.


This is the picture that was on the cake.  Kristi took it.  It's the only one I haven't put on the blog. 


Beth said...

It's all awesome esp. those cookies and that precious, beautiful, darling girl.
Those napkins are cool too. Who knew napkins came with navy hearts?!

I think you're southern friends need to catch on to what we northerners have known for a loooong time: McDonald's rocks as a birthday party spot!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Cookies!
Happy Day, Abby!

Love, Dee & Papa