Thursday, February 14, 2013


Tuesday was Red Day at school.  She wore a long sleeve velvet dress
She wore this heart shirt from Grandma Beth this week.  She loves it because it's silky!
It actually has navy pants that match it, but those were dirty at this moment.
Valentine's Day.
I say all the time that Abby and Aaron are SOOOO different and they are, but lately I've been noticing a couple of things that Abby does at this age that Aaron did.
She LOVES to unload the diswasher.  And load it.  Put in the soap, start it, do the whole routine.  Aaron was so into that.  The thing that she does differently is that Aaron would take the silverware caddy to the silverware drawer and unload it all.  Abby takes one piece at a time from the dishwasher to the drawer and then goes back for the next piece.
Abby loves to get the mail which Aaron was also very into.  What really makes me laugh is that she takes it to the exact same place that Aaron always took it and goes through it the same way.  I really don't think she ever saw him do it, so it intrigues me.
Abby's school Valentine's Party
And Aaron's


Beth said...

Loved this!
A Huge Hug and Kiss to Abby on her 2nd birthday! With lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Aaron & Abby!
Cute kids and cute parties!
Have FUN!

Love always, Dee & Papa