Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Purpletree Black and White

This is the last batch from Erin.

 I framed this one in my office.
 This toile dress was Abby's cousin's. I loved the old time look of it.
 Abby loves to be outside.  These pictures were taken at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens and she just ran and played and had her picture taken.
 She also ran over the the playground and got lots of pictures going down the slide!

 I love this red corduroy dress with her monogram.  It is huge, so I hope to see her in it lots.

Y'all.  My kids are supposed to be taking a morning rest right now because they both woke up at the crack of dawn and they are in their beds in separate rooms yelling 'hello!' to each other.


Anonymous said...


Love, Dee

Beth said...


Beth said...

Oh and I love these. One of the top ten of all time is that one with her walking away.