Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun Stuff

On Saturday we went to Ryleigh Grace's 4th Birthday Party at Jump for Fun in Southlake.  It's a place with big rooms FILLED with bounce houses.  They were very cool.  Aaron went on the same one over and over and over again - it had a HUGE slide and he loved it! It was hard to get any pictures on the bounce houses, but I did get a couple in the Toddler Play Area.

On Monday we had Play Group at the Botanical Gardens in Grapevine.  It was BIG FUN.  This is Abby learning about the vegetable and herb gardens.  We had story time and fed fish and took a hike and say baby lady bugs and did a craft!
Story Time


Anonymous said...

Looks like a bunch of fun!

Love, Dee

Beth said...

I'm glad your botanical garden outing went so well. I think it was a great idea.
You ought to do a little raised planter for the kids for herbs. Or you could do one in your kitchen.
I love fresh herbs and you KNOW that Aaron would love it. Looks like Abby was fascinated with it too.:>)