Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kids Catch Up

I think all of the time about something I need to put on the Blog, but I haven't been taking the time to sit down and do it, so this will be a random post.
These two pictures were taken at a Play Group at Chuck E Cheese.  This play group is twelve moms and we are each responsible for the play dates one month.  My month is February and I picked Chuck E Cheese for our first one.  Because we LOVE Chuck E Cheese.  And there is no one there before 11 and there is a great toddler area and a great indoor playground and so on and on and on and I just love it.  And, ummm, my children were the ONLY ones not having their very first Chuck E Cheese experience that day.  Granted, the kids were all younger, but still.  I will say it was a raging success and I now have lots of fellow moms to join us at CEC.
Have you seen Toy Story?  At the very beginning where you can hear the kid doing all of his imaginative play and he's all into it and narrating everything?  Aaron does that and it is the cutest thing ever.  I'll be nearby, but not where he can see me, and I can hear every word as he is playing with his trains and cars and toys.  He has very elaborate stories that go along with everything he does.  Some things he takes from his Thomas the Train Videos on his Leappad, but some of it he's just making up.  It's incredible.  I need to record the audio and post it.  Plus he's getting all kinds of really big words.
Aaron loves to read books to Abby.  He has memorized his books and he wants her to sit and listen.  He reads them perfectly cover to cover and it is adorable.  Aaron wants Abby doing everything he is.  The other day he said, "Come on Abby.  We're going on a Bear Hunt.  It's going to be a great adventure."  Then he took her hand and took her on their hunt.
These pictures were taken at swim.  Aaron is just knocking my socks off with swim this year.  Well, not really just with swim, but with his handling of new situations.  Today he had a substitute teacher he had never met.  He just walked right into class and sat in his spot and did great.  I can not stress to you how ugly a situation a substitute teacher would have caused a year ago.  I also can not tell you how in awe I am of him walking into a class by himself.  What a difference a year makes.  He just seems so much more like a boy.
 We went to lunch the other day and there was a train going by which meant that we, of course, had to stop and watch it.  Aaron is obsessed with trains.  Especially Thomas the Train (though his favorite character is Percy, the green train), but he is into all trains. Real ones, toy ones, books about them.

Another Chuck E Cheese picture.  He is able to play the games by himself now.  Growing up!

He has such a sweet heart. I am reminded of that every single day.
And here's my sweet girl!  She is SO funny right now.  And probably always will be.  She has a very big personality.
I have been dressing her in lots of red for valentines day.  This dress has hearts on the inside of the sleeves.
And this shirt has hearts on it. 
Abby does a couple things that I think are funny.  1.  She sleeps with a blanket over her head.  It's a small, light blanket, but she puts it on her head.  And if it gets off of her head in the night she will sit up, position it correctly and then fall face forward to her sleeping position with the blanket over her head.  She also likes hoods on her head. And hooded towels.
This is her brushing her hair.  Sheri gave her this dress for Christmas pictures and I have been wearing it out because it is about to be too short.
2.  Abby likes to have her nose suctioned.  And now she can actually do it herself so she doesn't want help with that.  And she does the whole thing.  She wipes the suction bulb, squeezes it, puts it in her nose, releases it, removes the bulb, squirts the snot onto a wipe and cleans the bulb before doing the other nostril.  Really???

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Beth said...

I'm chuckling at all of it esp. the last. Thanks for an upbeat way to begin my 59th bday!:>)