Sunday, February 17, 2013

Abby's Party

Abby's party was a lot of fun.  McDonald's has worked out really well for us.  The kids love it and I love the set up there.
Here's the Birthday Girl on her way!  Grandma Sheri got her the ribbon tights for Christmas pictures.
She was going to wear her white dress with red hearts, but it was too cold, so we went with this dress that Kristi gave us.  We've gotten a lot of use out of it. 
Abby took her shoes off right away and put them in the cubby.
Abby putting Jackson's pacifier in his mouth.  This was so funny.  The poor boy was bobbing and weaving with his tongue out trying to get his binky.

The Birthday Girl with her crown.
Luke, Abby's future husband, from Sunday School sitting next to his cousin Audra, who is also in Abby's Sunday School class.
Waiting patiently for cake.

Ooh!  They are singing to me!
This is fun!!!

With Dee

With Papa.  I didn't get any pictures of Katie Grace, or of Abby opening her gifts.  She got such fun, sweet presents!  Purple shoes and a matching purse and she had to put them on right away!  Bath markers and huge bows.  An Elmo and Abby video from Dee and Papa, a magnetic ballerina with clothes for dressing and a Leapad Story Book.  Everyone seemed to have such a good time celebrating this sweet girl.

After the party with her Daddy.  She was asleep by 6 and slept 14 hours.  That's Big Fun!


Beth said...

I love her reaction to being sung to! She's not like her Gma B, that's for sure. I do not like being sung to.

Sweet pics of Julie, Abby, and Jackson, although Jackson does seem to be wishing Mommy would quit smiling and help Abby help him.:>)

Anonymous said...

SWEET Party and fun too!
Wonderful to see children have fun playing, laughing and having cake and ice cream.
We love you Abby and Aaron, Dee & Papa