Thursday, February 28, 2013

Abby's Room

 I wanted to take a picture of Abby's new wall canvas (these were taken about one year apart) and then I decided to take pictures of her whole room, even though it hasn't changed much since I took pictures before she was born.
 This picture was my grandmother's.  She wanted me to have it and I got it about a year ago and Jory chose to put it in Abby's room.
 This is the wall hanging that Ann made before Abby was born.  It hangs over her changing table:  Proverbs 3:24 When you lie down your sleep will be sweet.
 The wall behind Abby's crib

Abby's birth announcement is on this shelf.  That's new since before she was born!

 This table has a picture of her with Grandma Sheri and a CUTE picture of her with Grandpa Tom and a picture of her smelling the flowers at the botanical gardens.

 All the flower decor was bought by Grandma Sheri before Abby was born.  I loved it when I first saw it, but I love it more now that it's been Abby's Room for two years.



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