Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Ponytail!

 It wasn't all that pretty but I was so excited to finally see my girl in a ponytail.
 I thought she looked precious.
 She's wearing an A&M shirt that Dee and Papa gave her and an Aggie skirt from Kristi.  Julie gave her the big maroon bow for her birthday.  Jory recognized the sacrifice from a Baylor Girl. 
 Day two looked a lot better.  I did it while it was wet and I could comb it smooth.
 But it was completely out when I picked her up from school, so I don't know how long it lasted.
 Her hair is still super fine, so it's hard to keep it up in anything.  Plus, her bangs were cut once when she turned one and so they are shorter and always fall out in her eyes.
But, still!


Beth said...

Precious. The fun with styling the hair begins!
Why don't you just cut her bangs and let her have them? She looks beautiful without them, but it might be easier for you both.
I've found over the years that having bangs saves a lot of styling 'headaches'.

Anonymous said...

Very precious...
Good job on the ponytail.
Love the Aggie outfit...Whoop!

Love, Dee & Papa