Friday, February 8, 2013

Almost Two

One week from today, our baby will be two!

 I have wonderful friends who are wonderful photographers and I am so blessed.  Both Erin and Kristi captured Abigail as she was about to turn two and I have 40 or so fabulous pictures.  So expect 'Abby' posts for a while.
 All of these pictures were taken by Erin Vande Zande at Purpletree Studios.  Erin has the most amazing spirit of anyone I have ever met.  I want to be like her. 

I also have all of these pictures in black and white, which adds another amazing dimension.

I have an 8x10 of this picture framed in Abby's room.  Aaron saw it and said, "I wish I could be there with her, smelling the flowers, and bringing some home." I love my babies!

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