Friday, February 8, 2013

More kid stuff

Kristi took pictures of the kids at her house a couple of weeks ago.  She had gotten a bunch of new props and had all her Valentine's Day stuff ready.  She got some cute pictures!

Just as a note, Aaron's absolute favorite thing in the world to wear is a longall (as seen above, kind of like overalls).  They are really hard to find over 3T.  He has a few that my friend Julie has made a little longer by moving the buttons down, but they are still a bit short.  The one above is from Kelly's Kids, which is the only place I've found that makes a true 4T that fits him well.  And if you know Kelly's Kids, you know they are not cheap.  I went round and round on whether to get it, but he really wanted it and Jory said to get it.  I would say he wears that thing out.  If I let him, he would wear that every day of his existence.  And, he calls it 'his dress', which is probably a topic for another day.

Aaron has started praying on his own without prompting.  It is amazing to me how natural it comes to a child.  When he hurts himself he immediately asks God to heal him.  It is precious and an incredible lesson.

Kristi picked Abby's outfits for these pictures and this blue dress has skyrocketed to my favorites.
Aaron talks ALL THE TIME right now.  Please understand what I mean by all the time.  When we are riding in the car there is not one second of silence and it is an amazing ticker tape of everything he is seeing and thinking and it bounces around and it is the most precious chatter ever.
Aaron still calls his sister Abs.  I wrote about this a long time ago.  It was something he just started doing and he came up with it on his own.  I don't remember anyone else ever calling her Abs.  He is still the only one who calls her that, so it's his name for her.  And he uses it often.  He wants to share everything he sees and has and knows with her. And Abs loves her big brother so much!
These last two pictures are repeats with some different colorings.

Abby started swimming without me this semester which was rough at first. 
At some point in her second lesson, though, she saw Aaron across the pool waving at her and all was well with the world.  So when she started her third lesson, Aaron was ready.  He stood in the observation room and knocked on the glass so Abby would hear him and he stood there and waved at her so she wouldn't be sad. 

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