Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pictures by Kristi

These are the birthday/valentine's pictures Kristi took of Abby. 
I was amazed by how many she got because Abby was not having it that day! I really expected one or two at best.  As always, I was shocked by what Kristi can do.
This is Kristi's kids' playhouse.  Abby was much more interested in this than Kristi's props, so we ended up getting fun pictures here.
Abby is full of energy, but she sits with rapt attention when she is being read to.  She loves books and she loves to sit on your lap and take it all in.
Aaron reads to her a lot and then he'll show her a picture and say "where's the football, Abs" or something like that.  Abby will point to the correct picture and Aaron will say "Good girl! That's the football, Abs"
Abby is getting opinionated about what she wears and I think that's funny.  Her opinions change day to day.  With Aaron, he liked to choose, but it was always "do you want pants or shorts?" "shorts" "do you want a polo shirt or a T-shirt?" "Polo shirt".  With Abby, one day she absolutely wants nothing to do with pants and the next she'd rather have jeans than a dress. 
She does consistently choose pink when given color choices and she ONLY likes to wear the M&M PJs that Uncle Doug gave her for Christmas.  I am serious about that. 
She has a routine she likes to go through when you put her in the bed and if you try to skip a part she will let you know.


Beth said...

These are truly wonderful. Tell Kristi I think she is so talented. (It's nice that I can put a face with the name since I met her last summer.)
They are all wonderful, but my two favorites are the ones with the sucker. They are sooo Abby.:>)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Girl.....
Love the pictures!
We will treasure them forever.

Love, Dee & Papa