Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy Day

I took this picture at lunch. Aaron and I met Jory for lunch today at JW Finn's. It's a restaurant that's new (within the past year) and we kept meaning to try it.
Today was the perfect day for it because Aaron and I had to be out of the house for a few hours. We put our house on the market yesterday afternoon and there were three showings scheduled before noon today!

And that is what has been keeping us so busy. We found out on Dec 23 that Jory would be starting a job in Dallas on Feb 1. Of course we were out of town until the 27th and then we had Aaron's tubes and we had to get all the Christmas decorations down and put away, so it has just been in the last week that we have been able to get the house ready to show.

I think Aaron's expression speaks for all of us. This is a very good professional opportunity and we are extremely blessed by it, but we LOVE Tyler and we never anticipated moving. So the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and to dos. But we know, above all, that God is guiding this process. He has already blessed it in more ways than we could have imagined!

Another big thing from today is that Aaron had his first dentist appointment! Very cool! Dr. Ogletree saw him. She is in our Sunday School class and was so sweet with Aaron. Especially because he hates to open his mouth and he'll bite on anything you put in it - like her finger!
Everything looked great! Aaron is just growing, growing, growing and every day his personality seems more pronounced. He is extremely fun and he loves to make people laugh. I have decided that I am going to video tape his eating this week. It is so sweet and very impressive.

Please pray that our home will sell QUICKLY. Have a blessed week and we will keep you updated.


Spicy Magnolia said...

I love all of his facial expressions and I like seeing all of his play-time. I'm sure you just feel like plopping on the couch and not moving for days! Praying for a quick house sale and for trust along the way.

Oh, and please enlighten me because I'm clueless...should I make a dentist appointment for Brennan? I didn't realize they needed to go now.

gma said...

I too love his expressions. I also didn't know you needed to take him at his age. I don't think that I took you and Doug that young, but so much has changed for the better since then!


gma said...

Oh and that's great that you had 3 showings so quickly since your realtor just came yesterday, right?