Monday, January 18, 2010

Pictures from the Weekend

Here are a couple of pictures of Aaron walking. He is so proud of himself and he seems to have gained a lot of confidence from being able to walk. That confidence has mostly translated into thinking he is big enough to disobey all of the rules now. It's kind of fun to watch, but it's really frustrating, too. Probably like God watching us.

Here's another eating picture. He had hard boiled egg yolks, mixed vegetables and pears. He had two servings of the vegetables. He will definitely take veggies over fruit. Clearly, he is not related to me.

There is not a lot going on here. We are still showing the house a lot and still waiting for an offer. It has been on the market two weeks as of today. I go to my Bible Study tomorrow morning. I finished my homework today. I was so proud that I was able to do it every day like you are supposed to. I really envisioned getting to the last day and having to try to cram in a week's worth of homework! The women in our Sunday School class are starting Beth Moore's Daniel this week. I wish I could join them, but one Beth Moore study a semester is enough, I believe.

We talk a lot about what church we will join when we move to Dallas. We are blessed to know A LOT of people our age who have lived in the area we are planning on. So we have plenty of church recommendations. One in particular has really appealed to Jory and he especially likes the way they do their Small Groups. We will try that one first, I am sure. It is in a great location for us, too.

We are having a lot of RSV going around here. So scary. One of the couples from our Sunday School has a daughter in the hospital with it right now! Please pray for the Willis family and for their daughter, Ava. Another friend found out her son has it and he is quarantined for a week. His mama, Courtney, is mostly afraid that she will be insane by the time the week is up.

We are so blessed by this Little Man and all of the joy he brings!

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Melissa said...

i just cannot get over that he is walking already. Brynlee is crawling and pulling up on EVERYTHING and Chance has no interest in crawling at all, just scooting. But walking..we are nowhere close. I am so impressed little guy! He is such a cutie!