Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Updates

It has been a wild few days in the Allen Household. First of all, we did get an offer on the house. It went to our realtor late Sunday evening (the 20th day on the market). We actually didn't get it until late morning yesterday and were just able to send the counter offer back this morning at 9am. There is a little delay in things because our realtor was traveling Monday and did not have good luck with flights at all. So we lost a lot of time when he thought he would be on the ground, but was not.
It was a decent offer and definitely something we think we can work with. They really didn't ask for anything which was nice. We had expected them to. Now we just have to agree on the price. We are about $10,000 apart right now and hope to settle in the middle. Please pray that negotiations are smooth and that the buyer's financing is approved. That is our big worry - that we'll get near the closing date and the financing won't come through and we will already be locked into paying rent in Dallas and stuck with our mortgage in Tyler until a new buyer comes along. We have to work on our trust and faith, don't we?
Today we agreed to rent an apartment in Dallas. It is actually a 3-bedroom town home, so there is no one above or below us (though there will be some shared side walls). We will sign a 6-mo lease and we appreciate the flexibility. It is VERY close to Jory's work (much closer than we will ever be in a house). We are planning to take possession March 15, but we can have it earlier if we want it. If our current house offer goes through, we will be closing March 12, so we would move into the apartment at the beginning of March.

Obviously, the very biggest concern is where we will have Aaron's first birthday party since his birthday falls in the very middle of all of this transition. Never fear! We have come up with three viable options (though no perfect ones). For some reason, Jory thinks we have plenty of time to worry about this and he is not placing it in the priority it rightly deserves. I do not understand that at all.We actually have quite a bit going on right now, so I will continue updates this week. The biggest update on Mr. Aaron is that he is a walking machine! WOW, is he walking everywhere now. We will (I promise) start video taping some of this stuff! Have a wonderful week and I will keep you updated on the Allen Family Happenings.


Spicy Magnolia said...

yeah for the offer!! I had to laugh at your comment about Jory not placing Aaron's b-day party location in right priority!! :) Oh, the number of times I've asked Matt to start thinking/talking through decisions like that only to make a decision at the last minute. The Lord bless us girls!! :)

Melissa said...

Very exciting! Congrats on the house offer. I am cracking up about the 1st birthday not being top on Jory's priority list. Is it ever the top of Daddy's priority list? We are planning a serious bash here and I have been planning it for months and months, so I understand your frustration. Good luck with that. I cannot believe he is about to turn one. he is a cutie pie. Need videos of him walking.

tara said...

what a little man, and already walking?! that's awesome! can't wait to see his first birthday celebration too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house! It sounds like you should be able to compromise.