Thursday, January 14, 2010

By 10am today,

Aaron was wearing his third outfit. Here is his first one:
From this picture you actually can't tell that he is covered from head to toe in food. Oh, but he was. I don't even know how it happened. This was actually jar food that I was feeding him. He is much neater when he is feeding himself table food. Here are some pictures of that.See? He doesn't even wear a bib. He has become such a big eater. This is drained taco soup, peaches and peas. He took two helpings of peas and soup. He's a big vegetable eater.

Kimmie came yesterday and was so entertained by Mr. Aaron. He showed off for her all day long - walking and laughing and playing hide and seek. We had such a good day!

Today we went to lunch with Jacquelyn and Emerson Evans. This is Emerson being silly with her Tupperware lid. Below is Aaron laughing at her! Aaron was sooo good at lunch and he lucked out because Jacquelyn ordered a soup that had celery in it. Apparently, Jacquelyn doesn't eat celery, but Aaron does, so he got a whole plate of cooked celery. This does not sound good to most of you, but it sure made Aaron's day.
Here's something that's new in our world. It's a temper tantrum. It ensues when someone has something that Aaron wants and refuses to give it to him. This one involved a bottle of water.

Things have gotten decidedly more busy at our house. A walker is a whole different ballgame and Aaron is into everything, mostly things he's not allowed to have. It's really fun to watch him and I love his curiosity, but it sure keeps me hopping!

Other than chasing Aaron, Jory and I are keeping busy wrapping things up in Tyler. We each go to lunch almost every day with one of our friends. I know we're not moving across the country, but we still want to spend as much time with our friends as we can before we have distance between us.

Jory is wrapping things up at work. He has one week left and then he'll take a week off before he starts in Dallas. He's looking forward to a break and we will probably spend a bit of that time in Dallas looking for houses. We are pretty settled on the area we want to look in and we are doing a little preliminary searching. We aren't planning to buy anything until our house sells, though. As far as that goes, we had another showing today and we have one tomorrow. That will be seven showings in less than two weeks, so we are getting some traffic.

I started a new Beth Moore Bible Study at church on Tuesday. It is one I have been wanting to do, so I was thrilled that GABC offered it. It is a ten week study, though, so I may be driving from Dallas for part of it, but I know it will be worth it. Jory also started a new study on Tuesday. It is on reading, interpreting and applying the Bible. He has really been wanting to do something like this, so he will likely drive from Dallas on Tuesday evenings to finish it after he moves.

I think that's about it here. Both Jory and I are ramping up our exercise routines following the holidays. I am trying to get back into Yoga. I haven't done it since I was pregnant with Aaron and I realized that I am loosing flexibility. Jory has been reviving his old Power90 DVDs and they are giving him a bigger run for his money than he prefers.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, yes, we've hit the tantrum stage as well. Ahhh!!!

And what Beth Moore study are you doing? And do you go to a Yoga class or do it with a video?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yet another reminder of Grandpa--how he loved his food!
He looks so cute in that shirt and jeans wth his feet bare--got he the western look going one with that shirt and jeans!


The Skaggs said...

Cute pics! When are y'all moving? Just saw your comment on facebook. The blog world is crazy - how we all find each other reading these blogs of women we don't know. But it's so fun and addicting!