Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold Day

Today Aaron and I went to Allison's house for lunch so that Aaron and Kate could play together. Kate, you may remember, is Aaron's future wife. I have been concerned that our move will cause a strain on Aaron and Kate's relationship. However, it turns out that we may be moving very close to Kate's grandparents. We are also going to be super close to several of Allison's friends and Allison and Kate head to the area quite a bit. So, no worries! HA!

After lunch we came home, took a bath and put on warm jammies. We stayed by the fire the rest of the day. It's cold here. I won't say what the temperature is because I prefer not to be judged by those that live North of the Red River, but it is cold here no matter how cold it is where you live!

Aaron was sad to say goodbye to his Daddy today. We'll be home alone until Sunday afternoon. I'm starting to pack 'non-essentials' into boxes so I am not overwhelmed when it is time to move. I'll do that in the evenings when Aaron is sleeping. During the days we'll just be here playing. Except for Saturday when we have to get out because we have another house showing! YAY! Keep praying for a quick sale.


Anonymous said...

I would say from the weather reports you have reason to complain. We're snowed-in up here in parts of Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say you should complain too much, we are having high temps in the teens this weekend. Is Robert wearing camo?

Anonymous said...

Cutest COLD BABY in the world. Love the blueberry hat and mittens. Funny how Aaron is trying to figure out the hands in the mittens thing. Love you all, Kimmie.