Friday, January 29, 2010

Week in Review

Jory is on his way home from taking a Tax Test. He has been taking a Tax Class and this was the last week. He has been furiously preparing for the test and I have actually seen him less this week than I did when he was working. That is the reason we have been so looking forward to getting to the weekend! We have no plans this weekend and we are pretty excited about that.

Aaron and I have had lots of dates this week to keep us busy while Daddy was gone. Today we had lunch with Charlotte and her Mama, Jennifer. Charlotte was born the same week as Aaron and we were in birthing class with Jennifer and Scott.

Aaron has had a great week. He tried blueberries today and he ate them like crazy! It is nice when we find a fruit he really likes. So far, he'll tolerate all fruit (except apples), but oranges are the only ones he really likes. We have been working really hard, and we have finally stopped dropping our food off of the high chair. It took almost a month, but we appear to have conquered it. Aaron still loves to act like he's going to drop a piece of food and give us a big smile, but he doesn't actually drop it any more.
He's also stopped crawling in the kitchen. That took A LOT of retrievals and a lot of saying 'no', but I think we've got it. He does still crawl to the edge of the kitchen and yell at me while I am in there, but I'll take what I can get. Here's what we have not overcome: standing up in the highchair. Oh my! I think this one may wear Mama and Daddy out. This is a pretty dangerous one because the wooden highchair is slippery and the kitchen floor is concrete. We are working really, really hard on it, but it has remained elusive. Mr. Aaron is not giving in on this one.

We signed our contract to sell the house today. Our option period goes through Friday. The inspection will be done Monday. PLEASE pray for no issues with the inspection. We will keep you updated. Have a great weekend - we plan to!


Jennifer said...

Praying everything goes well Monday!
Brody stands up in highchairs some, too. It's a battle!

Anonymous said...

It's neat how their personality and sense of humor emerges--like him teasing you about dropping the food and "yelling" at you from his boundary line. It's great he's learning there are limits.