Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Updates

This morning, Aaron and I went to the Suttons' and watched Brooks while Jessica went to the doctor. Then we got to stay and have a wonderful brunch. These pictures are from the babysitting time.

Today we accepted an offer on our house. We don't have a signed contract yet, but I assume we will in the morning. We settled for $1,000 less than what we paid for the house a year and a half ago. Not bad. Since we have put a little money into the house, we would have preferred to recoup that so we did settle for less than we would have liked. However, it is more important to us to expedite the sale right now. We are really dreading living apart and the longer we wait until we sell the house, the longer we would have to live in two different cities to avoid double payments. So, we are considering it a huge blessing that we have sold our home in three weeks. Please continue to pray that everything goes smoothly and our buyer's financing comes through.

We are set to close on March 19. We kept the apartment move-in at March 15, but when we get word that the financing is completely approved (probably around March 1), we will likely up our move-in date and start getting settled.

Starting Sunday, Jory will be leaving Tyler on Sunday evenings and driving to his Dad's. He will stay there on Sunday and Monday nights. This should be about an hour's commute for him to work. On Tuesdays, he'll leave work at 4 and head to Tyler for his Bible Study. After that, he'll come here around 7 and he will spend the night here. On Wednesday mornings he will drive to the office and that will be at least two hours. There are only three more weeks of the Bible Study, though, and he really wants to finish it. He'll be at his Dad's on Wednesday and Thursday nights and then will head back here on Fridays after work for the weekend. Whew! We are so glad that this will be for a very short period of time.Things are busy here, but very well. So many things are falling into place. We still have much to tell you and I will keep updating this week. I'll try to get some better pictures of Mr. Aaron this week. He has been sooo sweet!

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Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, bless your hearts with all that you're juggling right now!! I'm so thankful though for a buyer coming through and that you're seeing the Lord's hand through it all. It always ends up incredibly beautiful as you stand back and see Him work it all out.