Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Week

The last seven days have been very hectic for us. That is very opposite of our usual lifestyle and we are not adjusting well. We can't wait to get through tomorrow and enjoy a relaxing weekend as a family!
I haven't detailed the week since I have had bigger updates regarding the house and the move. Last Friday was our dinner with Jory's new company. It was very nice. It had been planned for a long time and Kimmie and Papa John were looking very forward to keeping Aaron at their house. As the weekend got closer, several things came up that we had no choice in. This added up to a lot of additional activities in a rapidly shortening time frame. We did not have the three hours it was going to add to our travel time to take Aaron to and from Benbrook, but we also didn't want to disappoint grandparents, so we made it work - barely. By the time we made it to dinner Friday night, Jory was almost as stressed as I had ever seen him. Luckily, it was a very relaxing, easy-going dinner. It was just so lovely. It was long, though - almost four hours - so we didn't get to our hotel until late Friday night.

The dinner was definitely worth the trip and it was very nice to get to know the people with whom Jory will be working. They were all so kind and we got a lot of good information on areas where we might considering living. Aaron had an AWESOME time with his grandparents and that was also worth the trip! In fact, we got fussed at when we picked him up. Kimmie and Papa John ONLY had FIVE hours of awake time with the boy! They didn't even have time to take a single picture, for crying out loud! We were told twice that it was very unfair to drop Aaron off for such a short period of time. HA! Isn't it a shame that Aaron's grandparents can't stand to spend time with him?

We do talk all the time about how blessed we are by all of Aaron's grandparents. He LOVES spending time with all of them and they are all so taken with him. Even the ones that are too far away to do a five hour babysitting job are active in his life and we love that so much! Every single time Aaron stays with his grandparents we spend two days talking about how wonderful it is that Aaron does so well with them. How blessed we are that they love to have him. How nice it is to walk away knowing that our son is comfortable and will be well-cared for. So that was the highlight of the weekend. Saturday we saw another rental house to compare to the Suttons' and we viewed an apartment. We got to spend a (too) short period of time with Grandad and Mimi before fighting the rain-slowed traffic back to Tyler. By the time we got here late Saturday evening, we were exhausted and we were all ready to be home, but we were all so grateful for the good things that we were blessed to experience Friday and Saturday. The weekend wrapped up with Jory teaching our Sunday School class on Sunday morning. He did a fabulous job. Though I have always known that he had a deep desire to teach, I had never seen it in action. I was extremely impressed and so proud. Jory and I have both since been told by several different people that he clearly has a gift of teaching and God is obviously preparing to use him. I can not disagree. Jory would love to find a class to lead when we are led to our next church home.

That's most of the weekend. Obviously, we saw a couple of rental options in Dallas and you now know that we chose the apartment/town home. We actually originally chose the Suttons' rental home and we left Mr. Sutton a message Saturday to call us. We intended to agree to rent his home when he called us back. By a series of things, we did not connect with the Suttons until Tuesday. By that time we had completely changed our minds and had agreed to rent the apartment. We are comfortable with that decision. Though it's not in a residential area where we could explore future living options, it is very near to some areas we are considering. It is also going to be extremely convenient to Jory's work and just about everything Dallas has and right now that's a pretty big plus. As most of you know, we are expecting Allen Baby #2 in August and we sure want to be as close to Daddy's work as we can be so he can run home and see the Munchkin at lunch just like he did with Aaron!


Rebekah said...

Ok...I missed something along the way in my inconsistent blogging! You are pregnant?!?! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Details please! Are you guys going to be surprised again? How are you feeling? How is it keeping up with a busy baby and being pregnant...that is what I am most worried about! Ok, are you moving to Dallas, too? Man, I have MIA! I Can't believe our babies are about to be!

Lola said...

Congrats on the new baby!! Kim and John didnt say anything about it, but they have been gone this past week. Congrats again, Laura