Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Firsts

In early December, Kim and John came here and kept Aaron for the weekend. They introduced him to Cheerios. When they kept him for a few hours before Christmas, they gave him some more Cheerios. Apparently, he really liked them. As far as we know, those are the only two times he has been exposed to Cheerios. Fast forward an entire month. We are at the grocery store and Aaron starts squealing and pointing. He's never pointed for anything before and I've never heard this excited squeal. It's like "Whooooo...Wheeeeee...Whoooo!" I look, and the boy is trying to get me to buy some Cheerios! Isn't that crazy? They learn fast. He has now taken to using the squealing/pointing method frequently. His favorite thing is his Brutus Buckeye doll that plays the Ohio State Fight Song. Seriously. You must see him going crazy for this thing. We plan to video tape it. It's a riot.

Another (less pleasant) first happened yesterday. As you know, Aaron pees on me a lot. Yes, he still does it. But he has NEVER pooped without his diaper on. We have heard tales of this from friends, but it has not happened to us. Until yesterday when he pooped in the bathtub! Uggg. Jory thought it was very funny.

He also fell for the first time in the bathtub yesterday. I felt very badly for him because he wasn't doing anything wrong. He was just playing and he leaned forward too far and slipped. His entire face went under water and he must have had his mouth open because he came up sputtering. It scared Mama a lot more than it scared baby.
Today was a sad first. He cried for the first time from a fall. It's pretty amazing because he falls a lot. My friends watch in horror as he loudly hits furniture, walls and hardwood floors and comes up laughing. Falling is fun, apparently. The only time he has cried was when he first started pulling up and he would have his tongue sticking out with concentration. He had some falls where he bit his tongue and brought blood (and tears). But today he fell and hit the side of his head on his bed. It really didn't look like a bad fall to me and certainly had a lot less impact than some of them, but he must have hit it just right because he screamed and covered his ear and was quite upset for a while.

The onesie he is wearing in the above picture says 'My dad is my hero!'. He got it for Christmas. He sure does love that daddy!

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Anonymous said...

He looks so adorable! What a hoot--wanting cheerios at the store! I hope you do video him with Brutus--that must be so cute and funny!