Saturday, January 16, 2010

Road Trip

We got up today and headed to Dallas. We left around 8, which is when Aaron goes down for his morning nap. We went to see a house that we have been strongly considering renting when we first move to Dallas. We got there around 10, fed Aaron and saw the house. We then ate at Jake's Burgers which is VERY near the house. Jory is set on the house for that reason alone. Oh, Jake's is so good. I would not let Aaron eat anything in there. I wouldn't even give him the tomato off of my sandwich. Just being in that kitchen must make even a vegetable unhealthy. Aaron had a great time, though. He flirted with every single person in the restaurant. He makes people smile so much and I love it.

After lunch we drove around looking at the areas where we think we may eventually purchase a home and then headed back. We got back around 2, so it was a short trip. Aaron was an absolute angel. He took both his morning and his afternoon naps in the car and they were very good naps. When he was awake, he was very sweet and funny. We have come a long way from his early roadtrips.

We had a delightful time in Dallas and really loved the house. I took my camera, but took zero pictures. I don't know why. Our friends Jessica and Tommy Sutton (Brooks' parents who give us all of his clothes) owned this house and lived in it for six years. A year ago, they moved to Tyler and sold it to Tommy's parents. The Suttons then leased it out to a young man they knew, but he just got a job move to Denver and will be out of the house January 31 (the day before Jory starts his job).

The house is very close to the area where we would probably buy and it is two blocks from White Rock Lake. It is an amazing location in a beautiful neighborhood. It is a bit smaller than what we have now and we spent the way home talking about concessions we would need to make (we would be losing a lot of storage space, but if you have been in our house you know that would happen with any move). We haven't made a final decision yet, but this does open another door for us and the Suttons are very willing to work with us so that they can get renters in the house that they can trust. The Lord is good. We also had a good showing on our house yesterday, but we haven't heard anything yet. We are up to 8 showings in 12 days on the market.


lillabette's meanders said...

What does he have on in that first picture?
In the second he looks like he's reconsidering what you're giving him to eat!
Is Jake's what you would call a "dive" that visitors wouldn't even consider going in, but locals swear by it? Like Buffalo Grill?
Renting the house would give you plenty of time to look for the right house especially if whoever buys your house wants to move in quickly.
Are the owners willing to give you a flexible lease rather than a year long one?

lillabette said...

Is his hair growing a lot?

lillabette's meanders said...

Sara--I'm trying something!

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