Friday, January 22, 2010

Headed to Dallas

Jory's new company is taking us to dinner tonight in Dallas. We are actually going to drive to Benbrook first so that Aaron can stay with Kimmie and Papa John and then drive back to Dallas. We have dinner at 6 and the company is putting us up in a hotel near the Galleria.

Tomorrow morning we are going to look at two other rental options for comparison's sake. We are hoping to have a decision made on where we will initially live in Dallas by the time this weekend is over. We are also hoping to know when are house will be sold by the time this weekend is over. There have been indications that we will get an offer tomorrow morning!

After our viewings tomorrow we are going to get Aaron late morning and head to Grandad and Mimi's around lunch time. Aaron needs some time with them and we need to pick up his Christmas presents! We left them there the day after Christmas because our car was full and we were planning to be back in the mid-cities that same week. Well, plans changed and poor Aaron hasn't had his presents for a month!


Spicy Magnolia said...

That's so cool about Jory's new job taking you to dinner and giving you all a hotel for the fun! And I hope you get a wonderful call in the morning about the house. Have a great weekend...thinking of you all! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your dinner and overnighter was wonderful. Lucky Kim and John --getting to have Aaron! Bet he was happy to get those Cheerios!